One of the clearest paths towards career advancement is getting an MBA degree. An MBA allows you to move up the business career ladder a whole lot faster and further. But how do you choose which MBA to get?

In our opinion, you should only get an MBA if you want to be in a leadership position. And these leadership positions often come with added stress. So be forewarned.

If you’ve already gotten your bachelors degree, and aren’t happy with your current position or feel that your career has hit a ceiling, and MBA may be the right option for you. Here’s how to decide:

1) If you currently have a job, and can’t take a sabbatical, consider the flexibility of an online MBA. Rankings such as SuperScholar’s SmartChoice Top 25 MBA Programs are worth looking at to make sure you’re going to a quality school. These days, so long as you’re going to a good school, an distance learning MBA can be just as good as a traditional degree.

2) If you have the time and flexibility, consider going to one of the cream of the crop MBA programs. Harvard. Michigan. Wharton. These schools are very competitive, but if you get your MBA from any of them, you’re virtually guaranteed a high paying job with a Fortune 500 company. When going the traditional route, make sure to pick your school from a reputable MBA ranking site like US News or Business Week.

Whatever your choice, choose carefully. There are many MBA programs out there that won’t give you much competitive advantage. It’s important to go to a school that’s regionally accredited and well respected. And when making a decision, please take our advice: always consult multiple MBA ranking sites in order to determine a consensus. Otherwise you might be going off just one random person’s opinion.