Hey I can relate to this article very well, we graduate from New Prague in 2 days and its becoming more and more evident that soon we will be out on our home. Let’s have fun 08.

In some cases, there actually is a middle ground. In my case, my university of choice offers professional writing as a major… allowing me to work with the basic concepts I adored, but also allowing me to apply them in practical, profitable ways. I certainly haven’t abandoned creative writing, but it will become more of a job on the side, instead of my full focus. The beauty of the major, as well, is that I am able to take several creative writing courses and have them count towards my major, as well… so I don’t have to miss out on learning more about my hobby, as well as my (hopeful) career.

I agree, it’s important to be realistic. But on the other hand, I feel like it’s terrible to entirely forget your passions and head towards a career you honestly do not want. For me, at least, I’ve had to make the choice we all had to, in preparation for college–do I want to throw myself into a money-making major, or try and possibly fail at success doing what I love?

What about something in-between? A few hours away may be a rough drive, but it’s not impossible, should the need or desire to go home arise.

Do you know what program you would like to go into? Why has NMU been your top choice so far?

I DO recommend going away to college, though. It is scary, and the first few months are rough… but there are tons of other people in the same situation there, with the same worries and fears… and it’s amazing how easily friendships are forged in that situation. I think if you give going away to college a chance, at least for a year, you’ll love it. Or, at the least, you won’t be adverse to it. Going away to college forces a change in a lot of people that is necessary and beneficial.

Central Michigan University also has a variety of programs, although it is oftentimes hailed as a party school… so that is another aspect to watch out for.

UofM is, of course, a top choice… but if you’re considering the arts, it might be a bit of a waste, there. Honestly, your college choice depends heavily on what you want to do there. I’ve heard excellent things about Michigan Tech, also up north, but if you’re not going into biomedical engineering or sciences… forget it.

Sorry I’m not being very helpful. There are a lot of things about your preferences I would have to know first. What sort of environment do you want at a university? What program are you going into/considering? What sort of student to faculty ratio are you looking for? All of these factors will help you at least narrow down your list. Oh, and most of all (although I wish this didn’t carry so much weight), don’t forget about cost. On the other hand, don’t forget about all the possibilities for scholarships and the availability of loans to help you attend whatever university you choose.

Yeah I am going to HKU its a new school. its real name is Hard Knocks University. It is really cool and teaches you a lot plus instead of spending money you make money.

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At any rate, good luck with the decision… but think about it this way. If you stay home and go to college, immersed in the same environment you’ve always been in, one thing is certain–nothing, or very little, will change. On the other hand, if you take the initiative and go away to college, things WILL change. Whether the change will be positive or negative, you don’t really know (and I HIGHLY doubt the negative…), but isn’t the gamble worthwhile? You never know what amazing experiences await you by going away to college. :)

Well. I’m from Michigan as well, so maybe I can help…

I will be attending Grand Valley State University (near Grand Rapids), and as far as I’ve experienced, it’s been lovely. Focusing on liberal arts, yet with a very well-rounded curriculum and vast choices concerning majors, I have to give this college nice reviews.

I recommend looking into such programs at your chosen colleges and universities. You never know what programs might suit you best.

Again, good luck!