Handbook. The links to policy or procedure documents are arranged under the Studies, and Internships (11/29/05)

a. Policy for Departmental Approval of Graduation Applications, Independent

I. Executive Council

a. Procedures for Catalog Copy (9/26/06)

c. Policy Guidelines for Covering Sabbatical Leaves (2/28/06)

to the central repository of Policies and Procedures, as approved by the Faculty

V. Faculty Grown and Development

d. Preliminary Draft: EC Procedures for Prioritizing Faculty Hires

IV. Admission Policy Committee

II. Curriculum Council

auspices of the responsible Faculty committees.

b. Marginal Applicant Policy

a. Boone Fellows Policies and Procedures

b. Advisory Policy for Hiring of Administrative Positions(1/2/06)

a. Guidelines for Sabbatical Reports (June 2006)

III. Faculty Evaluation Committee

Welcome through Faculty Assembly or its committees. These Policies and Procedures are intended to supplement or interpret the practical implications of the Faculty

e. Procedures for Documenting Faculty Policies and Procedures (2/28/06)