Olivia did not plan on making any new friends – just some random acquaintances would do. Once the studying part of her three-week visit was over, she was happy to finally enjoy the city and have a cup of authentic coffee that carried her away into the daydreams of a romantic girl. Olivia was sitting in a coffee-house reading a local daily “Heute” when she saw this good-looking and elegant young man. He was around 23-25 years old and he was wearing a blue polo shirt and straight navy pants, with some suede shoes. He had a typically Austrian look – blond straight hair, cut short on the sides, blue eyes and high cheekbones. Everything was perfect about the way he looked, except the eyebrow ring, which gave his overall sophisticated and intelligent look a sparkle of rebelliousness and thus made him even more interesting.

His name was Mattias. He was a journalist and he worked in the office of the paper Olivia was reading that afternoon. He just sat at the same table with a cup of espresso and was trying to figure out what this cute girl was reading. They started talking and Olivia realized that three weeks in Austria, was quite enough for her to start talking like a true German. They had a lot in common – passion for classic literature, good rock music, photography and staying up late on summer nights. She did not even notice how quickly it started to get dark outside. The night was warm, so Mattias walked her to the hotel. And that is just the beginning of the beautiful love story that happened that summer…

Olivia belonged to a family with a military tradition – her grandpa, her dad and now her brother, were all officers – so she had a very conservative idea about the way a real man should look. And that image of her perfect prince wasn’t that much different from what the guy in front of her looked like – except, of course, for the pierced eyebrow. While she was examining the guy, Olivia didn’t even notice that his eyes were now chained to her as well. She was pulled out of her half-dreaming state when she heard this guy saying her name. First completely surprised, Olivia then realized she was still wearing the name-tag from her German-class.

This was supposed to be a rather boring summer. A girl named Olivia came to the picturesque city of Vienna, just to improve her knowledge of German and to visit some art-galleries. Austria was always her passion, and when an opportunity occurred, she didn’t have to think about whether to go or not to go – she instantly knew that she’d remember this vacation for her whole life. What she didn’t know was the reasons that would make this vacation so special. Olivia planed to spend most of her time studying German and use the remaining couple of days to enjoy some sightseeing. After all, Vienna was such a beautiful city, full of gorgeous architectural masterpieces, cultural festivals and historical attractions.