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portrayals of landscapes, people, and places of interest during the early 1900s.

Representatives 1972-1980, U. S. Senate 1980-1992.

time, Boone decided to chronicle all of the aforementioned activities in pictures. The photographs, documented the construction of the College of Idaho, Caldwell and Arrowrock

received his college education at the College of Idaho, graduating with an A.B. in 1938. to his work as a college president, he was a Presbyterian minister, botanist, teacher, Dam. His panoramic pictures, often 6" high and 48" wide, are excellent same year was elected Idaho Attorney General, holding that office until 1954. Robert

The Robert E. Smylie Archives are located on the second floor of Sterry Hall. Built in 1913, Sterry Hall is one of the oldest buildings on the campus. Renovated in 1994, Sterry Hall received an Orchid Award from Preservation Idaho which honors projects that represent commitment to historic preservation.

This collection includes the legislative papers of Senator Symms: U. S. House of S. Coast Guard Reserve in 1942 and married Lucille C. Irvine on December 4, 1943. photographs of W. J. Boone, taken during the late 1800s until his death in 1936, establish

The archives is home to the personal papers of Governor Robert E. Smylie. Robert Smylie

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"custodian" of the college grounds, husband and father. Not lacking for free

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William Judson Boone was the first president of Albertson College of Idaho. In addition

The mission of the Smylie Archives is to collect, preserve, and organize historical materials of particular interest to the students, faculty, alumni, and friends of Albertson College of Idaho. The Smylie Archives is a research facility dedicated to augmenting the resources and liberal arts curriculum of the College. The Smylie Archives aim to serve the research needs not only of the College and its constituents but also the wider community of southwest Idaho and beyond.

He received a law degree from George Washington University in 1942. He enlisted in the U. Smylie was elected Governor in 1954 and served for three consecutive terms.

a visual history of Caldwell and its surrounding areas. Dr. Boone, through his Returning to Idaho after the war he became Assistant Attorney General in 1947 and in the